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ICER 2021
Mon 16 - Thu 19 August 2021 ICER 2021 will take place online.

ICER has adopted the ACM TAPS publication workflow this year. We expect many questions as we make this transition. As you ask them, we’ll answer them here.

  • For LaTeX submissions, how should we prepare figures and tables to work for both 1 and 2-column PDF layouts, as well as HTML?

    • To the best of our knowledge, you should prepare figures and tables as either single column or two column widths. Anything wider than a single column will span 2 columns in the 2-column PDF layout. For all other layouts, all figures and tables will be displayed in a single column.
  • Why does the Sheridan page mention page limits? I thought the research track was using word counts?

    • The inconsistency is unfortunate, isn’t it? Sheridan (and ACM) still work with page limits, and so we had to make our best guess about a page limit that would work for all possible word count limits. If the limit isn’t high enough for your final version, let the program chairs know and they will work with Sheridan to raise the limit.
  • What format should our final submission be in?

    • If you are using Word, your final source in Word should be in the single column review format.
    • If you are using LaTeX, you’ll need to revise your paper’s source file to be in “sigconf” format.
    • Yes, it is strange that the review version is different from the submitted version; this difference ensures that the review version is accessible to people reliant on screen reviewers, whereas the final version ensures that the 2-column archived PDF is laid out as you intend, allowing the HTML output from TAPS to be the accessible version for readers.
  • What kinds of outputs does TAPS produce?

    • TAPS will take your Word or LaTeX source files and convert them to multiple output formats: PDF, HTML, XML, and ePub. You can see the resulting TAPS output in this video:
  • What LaTeX packages can we use?

  • Can our LaTeX source have warnings and errors?

    • If you are using LaTeX, it is okay to have warnings in your build, but it is not okay to have errors. TAPS will not approve any papers with errors.
  • Do we have to place the copyright block?

    • The copyright block will be automatically placed by TAPS for Word users. LaTeX users should follow the instructions provided after submitting the rights review form.
  • How do we change our paper title?

    • If you want to change the title of your paper, you can find a link in the copyright form that will be mailed to you. The page will have an “edit title and author” button, where you can change the paper’s metadata. If you can’t find that link, you can write to reset your copyright form, which should show the link.
  • How do I change the information I submitted in the copyright form?

  • How do we ensure our final PDF is accessible?

    • When you receive an email titled “PDF and HTML Proofs: available for review” please follow the links provided to access the TAPS generated PDF and HTML files. If you approve the proofs, we strongly encourage you to add accessibility and return the accessible pdf to be the published document for the ACM digital library by attaching it in a reply to the original email. The website [] is a good guide. After this, your submission is complete and ready for publication in the Digital Library. If you do not approve the proofs, please reply to the email you received, explaining the feedback and modifications that you want in your proofs. This email will be answered by TAPS coordinators, who will get back to you with the revised outputs of your files, until you are satisfied with the generated output and approve it.

If you have a questions that doesn’t appear above, write, reach out to Sheridan about TAPS at, or post on the ACM ICER Discord in the #taps channel to see if anyone in the community can help.