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ICER 2021
Mon 16 - Thu 19 August 2021 ICER 2021 will take place online.

ICER Awards

Best Paper

In recognition of, and in encouragement of, contributions of many kinds ICER will award up to two “Best Paper” awards to (submitted and peer-reviewed) papers each year. To recognise and celebrate the methodological diversity of our field, in any year papers awarded “Best Paper” may not use similar methodological approaches.

Papers will be selected that best illustrate the highest standards of computing education research, taking into account the quality of its questions asked, methodology, analysis, writing, and contribution to the field. In addition the awards committee may, at their discretion, designate “Honorable Mention” to a subset of nominated papers that are not ultimately selected for the Best Paper awards but are nonetheless excellent examples of CS Ed scholarship.

Lasting Impact

An Annual Lasting Impact ICER Paper Award to honor the most impactful paper within a sliding window of the past 10-15 years.

Awards Committee

  • Chair: Yifat Kolikant (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
  • Maria Knobelsdorf (University of Vienna)
  • Lauren Margulieux (Georgia State University)
  • Ian Utting (University of Kent)


Best Paper

Members of the Senior Program Committee (SPC) nominate papers. Members of the Program Committee (”reviewers”) may suggest that a paper be considered for an award, but only SPC members can make the recommendation. Each nomination must be accompanied by a short paragraph to support the decision to nominate.

Lasting Impact

Papers to be considered for the Lasting Impact ICER Paper Award will be nominated by the community to the Awards Chair. Each paper must be accompanied by a short paragraph to support the decision to nominate.


  • ICER Awards will be run by an Awards Chair. The Awards Chair will have no primary Conflict of Interest: that is they may not be the named author of a paper submitted to the conference in that year.
  • The Awards Chair will recruit three experienced researchers, at least one of whom will be a current SPC member, to form the Awards Committee after the nominations have been received.
  • Members of the Awards Committee may be associated with papers submitted to the conference (either accepted or rejected) but will have no Conflict of Interest with papers nominated for awards.
  • The Awards Committee will be constituted to include researchers with specific methodological expertise in respect to the approach and content of the nominated papers.

In respect of the Lasting Impact ICER Paper Award;

  • Nominations may be considered in any eligible year (i.e. within the sliding window), and nominations remain active for every year they are eligible (that is, re-nomination is not necessary);
  • Should the Awards Chair have a Conflict of Interest, then the conflicted paper will be passed forward for consideration in the following year;
  • Self nominations are not permitted.