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ICER 2021
Mon 16 - Thu 19 August 2021 ICER 2021 will take place online.

Call for Participation

This track offers another, different way of presenting research at ICER. Posters and lightning talks provide opportunities for discussion of work, beyond a focus on final results. Rather, posters and lightning talks are perfect options for researchers with work at any phase. This track allows researchers to garner feedback, gain exposure, practice presenting, and recruit collaborators within the structure of the conference.

We allow, and encourage, participation in both tracks to provide optimal opportunities to the presenters. Lightning talks are short talks given to all participants in the conference, and can serve as an advertisement for visiting a poster. Posters can allow presenters to get into more detail with a smaller group. With ICER 2021 being virtual, presenters that give a lightning talk without a poster may face challenges with having more discussions about their work after the talk, since it’s notably more difficult to find a speaker afterwards to ask questions over the coffee break. Conversely, with our virtual conference last year, we found lightning talks to be good launching points for posters, so attendees had a sense of what posters to visit. However, we are not requiring submissions to both posters and lightning talks; we share these thoughts so researchers can make an informed decision about how they want to share their work.

Posters Lightning Talks
Subject: CER research questions, research design, methodology, data-gathering strategy, tool, or technique
What we want Work at any phase from early ideas to complete but unpublished research. A concise summary of scholarly work, but substantially more information than a lightning talk. Novel, not yet fully explored or tested work, succinctly expressed
Preference given to Authors who have not presented at ICER in the past. Content that is most likely to spark discussion at ICER.
What you get Opportunity to articulate new work. Opportunity to recruit collaborators (or participants). One-on-one exposure and feedback. Author(s), title, and abstract in proceedings. Exposure to all session attendees.
How to submit
When to submit 28 May 2021 AoE 28 May 2021 AoE
Format See Poster presenter details See Lightning talk presenter details


  1. Work already being presented at ICER (i.e., accepted research papers, WIP, doctoral consortium submissions) is ineligible for either the posters session or the lightning talks session.
  2. All submissions will be editorially reviewed (Submissions will be considered by the session co-chairs in consultation with conference chairs). This means that submissions need not be anonymized.


1) Abstract as it will appear in the proceedings:

Poster abstracts must use the template, formatting details and style rules as outlined for Research Papers (see the section “Submission Format and Publication Workflow”). Abstracts must not exceed 500 words, excluding title, author details, references, copyright statement, and images. However, we are allowing authors an extra page for additional details for reviewers (see part 2 below).

2) Background information for reviewers:

A) Is it your first time presenting at ICER? Y|N

B) Phase of work at time of presentation will be:

  • initial idea
  • working on research design
  • some data collected
  • pilot study completed
  • initial results
  • paper written but unpublished
  • unpublished CER tool
  • other (please explain)

C) My goal in presenting this poster is:

  • Solicit feedback from the community regarding a CER project
  • Present a new tool, technique, or methodology
  • Present unpublished results of ongoing work
  • Other (please explain):

D) Any other detail or information that you feel is relevant for review but may not fit in the one-page abstract. This information will not appear in the proceedings.


Speaker’s name:



Is it your first time presenting at ICER? Y|N

My talk is about: (200 word limit)

My talk will:

  • Solicit feedback from the community regarding a CER project (including sharing project plans and/or initial results)
  • Describe a new CER project for which the author(s) are seeking collaborators
  • Share encouraging initial results from a CER project
  • Present a new tool, technique, or methodology