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ICER 2021
Mon 16 - Thu 19 August 2021 ICER 2021 will take place online.
Mon 16 Aug 2021 15:10 - 15:20 at Grits - Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Chair(s): Monica McGill

Motivation: Although CS Education researchers and practitioners have found ways to improve CS classroom inclusivity, few researchers have considered inclusivity of online CS education. We are interested in two such improvements in online CS education—besides being inclusive to each other, online CS students also need to be able to create inclusive technology.
Objectives: We have begun developing a new approach that we term “embedded inclusive design” to address both of these goals. The essence of the approach is to integrate elements of inclusive design education into mainstream CS coursework. This paper presents three curricular interventions we have developed in this approach and empirically investigates their efficacy in online CS post-baccalaureate education. Our research questions were: How do these three curricular interventions affect (RQ1) the climate among online CS students and (RQ2) how online CS students honor the diversity of their users in the tech they create?
Method: To answer these research questions, we implemented the curricular interventions in four asynchronous online CS classes across two CS courses within Oregon State University’s Ecampus and conducted an action research study to investigate the impacts.
Results: Online CS students who experienced these interventions reported feeling more included in the major than they had before, reported positive impacts on their team dynamics, increased their interest in accommodating diverse users, and created more inclusive technology designs than they had before.
Discussion: These results provide encouraging evidence that embedding elements of inclusive design into mainstream CS coursework, via the interventions presented here, can increase both online CS students’ inclusivity toward one another and the inclusivity of the technology these future CS practitioners create.

Mon 16 Aug

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15:00 - 15:40
Diversity, Equity, and InclusionResearch Papers at Grits
Chair(s): Monica McGill, Knox College
The Relationship Between Sense of Belonging and Student Outcomes in CS1 and Beyond
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A: Sophia Krause-Levy University of California, San Diego, A: William Griswold UC San Diego, A: Leo Porter University of California San Diego, A: Christine Alvarado University of California San Diego
Changing the Online Climate via the Online Students: Effects of Three Curricular Interventions on Online CS Students’ Inclusivity
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A: Lara Letaw Oregon State University, A: Rosalinda Garcia Oregon State University, A: Heather Garcia Oregon State University, A: Christopher Perdriau Oregon State University, A: Margaret Burnett Oregon State University
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